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IC Rules
Shadow Rose Clan
IC Rules

Rules to the Rose

1700- early 1800

This is an 18 + room

1. This land is under rule of Lady Shadow and Lord Seth Darkfire. We ask that you show respect to them and to their knights in arms.

2. If you are asked to leave and think it unfair reasons then it may be brought up in a council with the Lord and Lady of the room.
Just leave a message on the boards that you wish to speak.

3. All are welcome to enter here, but if you cause trouble you will be removed, by fource if needed.

4. No one is to be attacked within these walls this is a safe heaven for all who enter. We will not tolerate the attacking of others within our home.

5. There are not be none punished within this castle brough by any but the Lord and Lady of this land , unless it is upon a chylder by there own sire.

6. Slavery is very much looked down upon within
this realm. Paid servants are fine, but a slave is something much different, we do not allow any within our home to covent a slave.

7. Public display of affections are to be kept to a min ..kissing , holding hands things of that nature are accepted but if things go much further please take it to a private room within .

8.All that roam within these walls will be shown respect and should at all times be treated in such a manner.

OOC Rules
Rules to the Rose

1700- early 1800

This is an 18 + room

1.Is OOC talk alowed?

Yes but we like for it to be kept to a minimum. Or in Private messages please.

2. Are you alowed to fight?

Yes but you must have permission from the Lord, Lady Or knight of the room.
And both parties agree to it, and no killing unless also agreed by
both parties

3. What kind of chars are alowed?

Anything you can imagine, but everything can die. And no matter what your char maybe if your head is taken your dead, Plain and simple.
If your chars head is cut off they are dead and if you continue to play them there should be a good reason or way they were brought back.But if your char
just comes back then they are dead and are to be ignored with in this room.

4. Cybering is to be taken to a room for two.

If caught Cybering in the room you will be asked to leave, if you do not do as asked then you will be booted.

5.Bad language is to be kept to a min , both IC and OOC and yes that is a must , other then to say that we understand that the PM's do not always work so keep the OOC to a min

6. Is open feeding alowed?

Yes if both parties agree to it.

7. Members shall be the only ones to punish any within , if there is found to be a non-clan member punishing someone they shall suffer the same punishment they give out .

8. There is a open message boards for this room , please feel welcome to use it however there is no, selling of products , or OOC discussion allowed for there is an open OOC boards for that , if there is any miss use of the boards the admin shall remove it promptly and leave message on the OOC boards as to why is was removed

9. Please remember that this is just roleplay and we are all here to have fun .

10. If the rulse are not followed the following will happen to offenders after being warned about the rules

1st offence boot for 1 day
2ed offence boot for 1 week
3ed offence boot for 1 month
4th offence boot for 1 year
5th offence will refer the offender to Chatalot owners.

Email us for any questions