Clan Members and History
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Shadow Rose members and history

« Avral »
† Arch-Mage †
† Guardian of the Shadow Rose †
Krystof Darkmane
~First Lieutenant of the Shadowrose~

Marie Lee Shun
First Knight of the Shadow Rose
Order of Darkness
Shadow Rose Lieutenant

Knight to the Shadow Rose
from:The Land of the Everglades
Family : None all killed during a war raid
race: Mortal

She is very skilled with the sword , protects her own , honor is helt to a very high standard to her , she respects those that she works for , she is willing to give her own life to do for her King and Queen , she is strong beyound most mortal men and she takes great pride in her abilities , she trains on a daily basis to keep her strength fresh.
One of her missions within life is to find the killers of her family and put them to justice .

Evening Everett
+ Lady of the Shadow Rose Clan +
+Assistance to the Queen+