History of the Clan
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Family crest

Ruled by Lady Shadow and Lord Seth Darkfire

As you can see there are many rooms within this wonderous castle , and it holds many tales for there have been many that have lived within this realm but only one family that has ruled within it's walls .

The Dhampire are a very select race of Vampyre. We are stronger and far more flexable then the ones who must walk only in the night. For you see, we can walk in day as well. We also grow to wield magical powers as we age, which is something no vampyre can ever possess.

Our family is Dhampire, a cross breed between Vampire and Human. The Dhampire are a very special family of the Kindred. Most are born half vampire, half human. All must be embraced at some time in maturity, usually around the human age of 18. If a Dhampire is not embraced, he or she will slowly go insane from the blood hunger that consumes them, and die of starvation as their digestive system changes to accept only blood for nutrition. Sometimes called vampeel, the Dhampire are well known throughout legends of old. Dhampire possess all vampiric traits and some human ones. We can withstand the sun for a much longer period of time than any other kind of Kindred. We can eat solid food, though we gain no nourishment from it. We are very magically inclined. And the most outstanding difference is that we can bear live children

Lady Shadow
Grand Mistress of the Shadowrose Clan
Husband : Lord Seth Darkfire
Master of the Shadowrose clan
Childern:Toland Darkfire
Chylders : Aline &

I'm over 5,000 years old myself and come from a large Dhampire family that goes back over 15,000 years ago, I have one birth child and 2 chylders I have sired and two that I have adopted as they are myne husbands chylders.

Hunter is myne sire and a great one he is , for tis an honor to be a part of his family I love him greatly and serve as a Knight to him as well within his kingdom , and Misha, my dear Mother the only one that I can recall for I did have one when I was mortal but she was not about much and I do not remember her as it has been far to many years now

Seth Darkfire
Master of the Shadowrose clan
Wife: Lady Shadow Darkfire
Children: Toland Darkfire
Chylder: Nynaeve and Faleece
Age: 2000 years
Race: Vampire / Mage
He was once first knight to a kingdom that had never known the word defeat. He had trained every singel general himself. He also had a family a son who was soon to join the ranks of knight hood also two beautiful daughters. One night while he was gaurding the castle, the kingdom
was attacked by a large group of Vampires. all together probably added to about two hundred. They killed everyone in the kingdom. But the leader of
the group choose to leave one to wonder the earth for ever. That one was Seth, so from there on he went out hunting for the ones who did this.Though
he has killed many vampires that may have not had anything to do with the attack he still went on. Then met his soul mate Lady shadow where he shall
continue to live his unlife and besure no harm comes to his fold

Meeting room